4:30am on February 19 marks the completion of There Will Come A Time, my debut novel. I am beyond excited and feel like screaming the house down but I don’t think my neighbours would appreciate that at all, so instead I will lie here and smile. And smile hard!

Now that its done I would love to say I will have some free time to maintain my blog and actually post some delightful and insightful antidotes on here but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. I dont even know of anyone reads blogs anymore?
I will, of course, try too post, as I do.

Coming up in my world is alot of learning over the next couple of months, I have alot of online courses I want to sign up for as well as hundreds of hours with of home learning, I am still reading my way through the stack of books I have about creative visualisation and meditation that are slowly going down book by book, but a lovely Author gave me an amazon gift card as a thank you for beta reading for her so that slowly decreasing pile I predicted will double in size before next week! Damn you books and your seductive powers!

My second novel is itching under my skin already and I have penned a few thousand words, but have promised myself to publish There Will Come A Time first then start it properly. I know full well that’s going to be broken, but shh dont tell my brain!

Ta Ta x