Busy Busy Busy

There are not enough hours in the day it seems! I am useless for keeping blogs up to date and I am sorry! So very sorry!
There past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of work, travel and self discovery.
I am currently beta reading for four authors, I am yet to come across anything bad or I didn’t like, I think if you’ve put your whole heart into something it cant be bad, your passion and your determination will shine through.
To add to this I am on a mission this year to broaden my horizons, with a huge push from one of my best friends and a personal role model I have been studying spiritualism and creative visualisation for the past month and have been blown away, I cant read the books, listen to the podcasts or watch the videos fast enough, I am feeling enlightened but also the need to delve deeper, learn more, experience more.
As well as being into final edits for “There Will Come A Time” and scribbling a rough draft for my second novel I have had an idea to bring what I have learnt to a younger generation so that it also in the planning stages with the help of a friend.
We have had an idea that if a younger generation was taught how to visualise a better world and manifest that world, believed in an abundant universe and meditated we could actually change the state of the world with nothing more than positive thinking.
Its a wonderful idea dont you think?
So that’s my life at the moment, and I wouldn’t change a minute of it!

oh, Vegan!One month in and feeling fantastic!