Awake from your sleep my love.

So finally I have a break in my schedule. I have ten whole days holiday from my full time job.
And big sigh of relief and relaxation!
I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but the feeling off no alarm and no rota for ten days is bliss!
I have started my holiday with a food and wine with friends and a cheeky trip to work to see The wolf of wall street and what a way to kick start a holiday!
What a fantastically intelligent film, I loved every minute of it and despite the long running time it flew past.
I have this urge, this need to watch films at the moment, I feel like a hypocrite, I am a cinema manager by day and films are my greatest love of all, possibly before books, but recently (the last five months!) I haven’t had time for them and I’ve had no interest for them.
For me films are there for escapism but my life over the past half a year needed my full attention, escaping would be like running away and I wouldn’t have given them my full, deserved attention so I’m glad I didn’t force it, the movies have just sort of jumped out at me, it all started with American Hustle.
Wow. Costume? great. Cast? great. Location? great. Tad bit too long but it was a good 7out of 10 (which os good for me!) Insider Llewyn Davis was next, a film I have been waiting for, for months and months. Fantastic, realistic portrayal of human behaviour. The rollercoaster which is life, the anti happily ever after type that I am loved the melancholy and the vibe of the entire film and it didn’t hurt to that Oscar Issac carried the entire film (the mans flawless) and also Marcus Mumford produced the soundtrack (best gig I ever went to? Mumford&Sons in Manchester 2012) so smiles all around for Inside Llewyn Davis.
And to well and truly end my film pull: The Wolf Of Wall Street.
10 out of 10. Which is rare for me to score! (Scott Pilgrim, W.E, Brightstar)
i wont go on about it, the awards talk for themselves and the cast and crew deserve each and every one.
Its almost as if Dicaprio is immune to bad roles! And Hill? Well that’s just set him up for a lifetime of roles. Anyways back to films, its not just new releases, I still have over 20 dvds to watch. I buy them like there going out of fashion same with books. I have over 15 books waiting in line patiently. Maybe this ten days will help with that.
Oh yeah my holiday, the majority of time will be reserved for family and friends but
I will, of course, be writing im hoping to finish There Will Come A Time and send to edit professionally before i go back to work.
Its my birthday too next Tuesday and I’m celebrating my twenty seventh year on this earth by going home and relaxing with the family in Tipperary, mainly sitting with my auntie and mum and discussing poetry and listening to music over a glass of wine or two, walking through the beautiful, peacefully countryside and laughing with my cousins. I literally can’t wait, roll on Saturday!
I wonder if someone will bake me a vegan cake? (subtle hint)
Anyway, I will write, I will try, and I will even try to give you a sneak peek of my next novel due out in October.

Ta ta for now!