Happiness in all its forms

I often wonder who came up with the term “happiness” and even if it was just invented for something for people to aspire to

But what is happiness? For me it isn’t a new phone, the latest must have designer bag, money, I could go on. For me I measure happiness on how beautiful my life is and how lucky I am to be living in it.

Alot of people choose to ignore the little things everyday, the little gems or beautiful moments that warm your heart, they are quick to pass straight through them instead focusing on problems that they have no hold over or that they wont change. The weather, their looks, their weight, their house, the town the live in, the people they let into their lives

They moan and bitch and whine and rant, dont they know they are missing it?

Missing the woman holding the door open for them, missing the little boy on the bus who is trying to talk to them, missing the man who found their wallet in that shop where they left it and came running after them, missing the text from a friend who asks them how they are, missing the girl who said hello whilst walking past on the street, missing the hug from their mum, a kiss from their partner and a picture from their child. 

They miss the little beautiful things of everyday life, like a glorious sunrise, the quiet streets on a Sunday morning, a compliment a stranger gives. If you ignore these things the world is dull, its dark and lonely of course things will look bleak, instead why not try to see the great in things? The good in things? The beauty in people?

Stop taking for granted the things you have for the things you want.

Your in control of your own happiness and how you measure it.