I went to watch American Hustle last night, the film was perfect, the actors fully earned their pay, the costumes and settings were beautiful and the direction was flawless, it was funny, at times painful to watch honest observations of real life and relationships but what I took away from it was the idea of reinvention.
We live for such a long time on this planet, we are bound to go through changes.
Our taste changes, the music we listen to, the friends we have, the style of our hair, the clothes we wear.
We reinvent ourselves hundreds and hundreds of times, but I have noticed people do not like change, those around you will question the changes in you, the reasons behind them.
The change is you, but through it they beileve you are trying to be someone your not.
Stay true to yourself, your gut, your heart and mind.
Do not be tempted to stay the same and not grow to please others just because they have that fear.
Wear what you will, dye your hair if it makes you happy, take up knitting, listen to jazz, you know what nourishes your soul don’t let other peoples closed minds dictate who you should be.
The people that really matter will embrace this new chapter of you and encourage you.



Just met the most wonderful homeless guy who sat with me whilst I waited for my taxi, protecting me from the idiots in Derby on a Friday night. He told me he has a house but lives on the street with just the clothes on his back and a few quid in his pocket.

He never asked for money and I never gave, he told me he loved talking to people and hearing about their lives, their loves and adventures. He told me everyone has a story in them, its very cold in this city tonight and he agreed, I asked would he go to his house rather than stay out, No, there’s a mother and daughter staying there for awhile,I told them its not much, there’s no heating or electric and no water, but it has walls and a roof and a couple of beds and they seemed thrilled at that so Ill let them rest their heads.

Before I left I asked him why he sleeps rough rather than in his house. “Because I know I am truly free darling. All that matters are the stars”







“There Will Come A Time”

Snippet from my debut novel “There Will Come A Time” due for release in the next two months!!!

I went about this new life looking over my shoulder in case I saw her, deliberately walking past her office or arranging drinks with my mates at the places I knew she loved. I did this until one cold night in November, when I saw her.
No not Dilly. Elizabeth.
And just like that my old life disappeared.

S.Staunton 2014.


Little nugget of thought

Wake up each day determined.
Wake up each day as if it were your last.
Everyone you meet today is fighting their own battles, your words and actions to them could make or break them.
Give your all in work and play because this day will pass by and end if you could be bothered to make the effort or not.
But once the day is done, let it go. Do not linger on what you could have done better or the errors you made.
You get a brand new day tomorrow to start again- and you never know what can happen in twenty four hours.


Happiness in all its forms

I often wonder who came up with the term “happiness” and even if it was just invented for something for people to aspire to

But what is happiness? For me it isn’t a new phone, the latest must have designer bag, money, I could go on. For me I measure happiness on how beautiful my life is and how lucky I am to be living in it.

Alot of people choose to ignore the little things everyday, the little gems or beautiful moments that warm your heart, they are quick to pass straight through them instead focusing on problems that they have no hold over or that they wont change. The weather, their looks, their weight, their house, the town the live in, the people they let into their lives

They moan and bitch and whine and rant, dont they know they are missing it?

Missing the woman holding the door open for them, missing the little boy on the bus who is trying to talk to them, missing the man who found their wallet in that shop where they left it and came running after them, missing the text from a friend who asks them how they are, missing the girl who said hello whilst walking past on the street, missing the hug from their mum, a kiss from their partner and a picture from their child. 

They miss the little beautiful things of everyday life, like a glorious sunrise, the quiet streets on a Sunday morning, a compliment a stranger gives. If you ignore these things the world is dull, its dark and lonely of course things will look bleak, instead why not try to see the great in things? The good in things? The beauty in people?

Stop taking for granted the things you have for the things you want.

Your in control of your own happiness and how you measure it.