24 days in.

So the first month of 2014 has been and gone. More or less. I have mentioned in the past that 2014 is a huge year for me. Its about me, my journey with myself, my soul and also my body.
For once in my life I have no restrictions, either by people, by money or location.
I am symbolically and literally free.
January has been amazing, I spring cleaned the people out of my life who were in anyway negative or bad for me and my spirit. Although I said my goodbyes to them and their parts in my life on New Years Eve, January has been packed solid with the people that remain, the people I am blessed to know, the positive role models, friends and family.
I have spent this month, I feel, being reborn, I have taken time to meditate and to pray, to be alone with my thoughts, dreams and goals.
I feel back to my once strong, independent, spiritual and best self thanks to the guidance of the people in my life, diet, exercise and the want to live life to the fullest.
My novel is in its editing stage, I have recently found a cover and will be starting beta reading and then professional editing before releasing in an ebook format in (hopefully) March.
I have also started my second novel due for release in October.
There is so much more planned for 2014, March is looking exciting, the summer plays like a dream in my head and August is where my dream comes true and more.
In between I will be mainly saying yes to everything and anything I can, yoga, salsa, writing workshops, travelling, photography, gigs, discovering new artists, new music and expanding my mind. I have also embarked on a vegan lifestyle which already has changed my energy levels and sleep patterns.
I wish I could share more right now, but its not the right time. But give it a few months and I will be able to shed some more light.
So that’s me and my January, hows this year panning out for all you lovely lot?



I went to watch American Hustle last night, the film was perfect, the actors fully earned their pay, the costumes and settings were beautiful and the direction was flawless, it was funny, at times painful to watch honest observations of real life and relationships but what I took away from it was the idea of reinvention.
We live for such a long time on this planet, we are bound to go through changes.
Our taste changes, the music we listen to, the friends we have, the style of our hair, the clothes we wear.
We reinvent ourselves hundreds and hundreds of times, but I have noticed people do not like change, those around you will question the changes in you, the reasons behind them.
The change is you, but through it they beileve you are trying to be someone your not.
Stay true to yourself, your gut, your heart and mind.
Do not be tempted to stay the same and not grow to please others just because they have that fear.
Wear what you will, dye your hair if it makes you happy, take up knitting, listen to jazz, you know what nourishes your soul don’t let other peoples closed minds dictate who you should be.
The people that really matter will embrace this new chapter of you and encourage you.



Just met the most wonderful homeless guy who sat with me whilst I waited for my taxi, protecting me from the idiots in Derby on a Friday night. He told me he has a house but lives on the street with just the clothes on his back and a few quid in his pocket.

He never asked for money and I never gave, he told me he loved talking to people and hearing about their lives, their loves and adventures. He told me everyone has a story in them, its very cold in this city tonight and he agreed, I asked would he go to his house rather than stay out, No, there’s a mother and daughter staying there for awhile,I told them its not much, there’s no heating or electric and no water, but it has walls and a roof and a couple of beds and they seemed thrilled at that so Ill let them rest their heads.

Before I left I asked him why he sleeps rough rather than in his house. “Because I know I am truly free darling. All that matters are the stars”