Just met the most wonderful homeless guy who sat with me whilst I waited for my taxi, protecting me from the idiots in Derby on a Friday night. He told me he has a house but lives on the street with just the clothes on his back and a few quid in his pocket.

He never asked for money and I never gave, he told me he loved talking to people and hearing about their lives, their loves and adventures. He told me everyone has a story in them, its very cold in this city tonight and he agreed, I asked would he go to his house rather than stay out, No, there’s a mother and daughter staying there for awhile,I told them its not much, there’s no heating or electric and no water, but it has walls and a roof and a couple of beds and they seemed thrilled at that so Ill let them rest their heads.

Before I left I asked him why he sleeps rough rather than in his house. “Because I know I am truly free darling. All that matters are the stars”







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