The Final Product

Ok so if your on my Facebook I’ve already touched on this topic but I feel the need to write in depth about it.
Earlier I was talking to a fellow writer friend who spent the entire conversation telling me how worried he was that the novel he was writing was going to be shit. He told me he feared that he wouldn’t even have one sale and that he was pretty sure his main character didn’t have the likeable factor, I spent an hour listening to how he planned on promoting his book, the social networking he had in place and the book tour he was hoping to get on.
By the end of it I was exhausted, I get it, I completely get it. It is nerve racking putting your heart and soul out into the universe and you are, of course, going to wonder what the rest of the population thinks of your vision. But is it really worth stressing over? Isn’t this suppose to be fun?
My conversations about my writing go a little like this:
Friend: Hows the book coming along?
Me: Awesome, I’m going to edit on Sunday.
and then Ill gush abit about my characters and how I picture the scenes coming together.
Ii know everyone’s different but I just want to put it out there to all the stressing writers: Write for now, what you feel, what you know, write to tell a story that’s been burning in your heart. Dont worry about the outcome. Of course people will like it. Some will hate it that’s life at least your one of the rare few that did it. Your writing a book! That’s fucking amazing!!! You sold 3 copies at £0.99 on Amazon? That’s amazing!!! Its not about how many people read it, or if they like it. Its about the journey.


5 thoughts on “The Final Product

  1. Money, money, sales, sales … None of that worry should even be allowed to enter the mind of a writer. It eats away creativity; steals time; destroys confidence. It doesn’t matter in the least. Writing is not about money. Those who go into writing with those concerns are in for a long, long, painful journey. And that defeats the very purpose of writing: to have fun. Do what you love, be the best You you can be, use your unique voice, and live. Period.

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