Quick fire movie reviews

In the real world I am a cinema manager (its not as fun as it sounds) Most of the time I am running round like a headless chicken trying to manage around 50 members of staff, keep the public happy and promote and the rest I am sat at a computer clicking away.

Dont get me wrong, I do love my job, but you know what else I love? Watching films! And talking about films. And I don’t get to do it half as much as I’d like (ironically) so I thought I would write some reviews of the films I have watched over the past few weeks, but because there’s quite a few I’m going to describe each one with one word, a rating from 1-5 (5 being the highest) actor who I thought performed best and a moment I liked.

Frozen (my little cousin made me watch it honest!) Magical. 4. The snowman!!!! and the part where the sister has a make over. CHRISTMAS MAGIC!!

Carrie. Yawn. 1.5. Mortez of course and the only scene worth watching is the car scene.

Anchorman 2. Predictable. 3. Steve Carell. Green screen-need I say more?

Gravity. Stunning. 5. Geoge Clooney. Any scene in space! Beautiful film.

DVD wise there’s been:

Bad Teacher. Amusing (in places). 2.5. Jason Segel. Any scene with the weird roommate.

Meloncholia. Mindblowing. 12. Kirsten Dunst. Wedding.

The Edge Of Love. Romanctic. 5. Cillian Murphy.Miller smoking in the train carriage.

Once. Wonderful. 5. The guy. The motorcycle ride.

The Great Gatsby. 15. Leonardo obviously. The car rides.

I have bought and have still yet to watch Rust and Bone, On The Road, Biutiful, Red Lights and Moon. I am also planning on watching The Hobbit, Walter Mitty, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Inside Llewyn Davis and The Railway Men in the coming two weeks, its back to normal after Christmas and I no longer have to choose between writing and films. Finally, the withdrawal symptoms were not nice!


what have you been watching?


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